Oak Openings Horse Trail

The leads riders through sand dunes, wet prairies, wet woods, pine forests, and oak savannas, winding its way through approximately 4,000 acres.  With its flat terrain, the trail is accessible to riders of all abilities.

A convenient, Horse Riders’ Center is located on 5840 Jeffers Road with ample parking for trailers. Restrooms, water, hitching posts and a picnic shelter with grills are also provided at this site. The north side of Evergreen Lake provides additional restrooms.  Overnight camping for horse riders is now available through reservations in the Springbrook camping area. Additional trailer access is located off of Monclova Road.

Things You Should Know

Horses are permitted only on the marked horse trail and not on roads, fire lanes or trails designated for walking, biking or skiing. Horses may not be ridden in picnic areas and should be kept away from ditch banks and ravines.

Bicycles are not permitted on the horse trail.

Parts of the trail tend to be wet and muddy in spring.

Hitching posts are provided to tie horses. Please do not tie horses to trees or fences.

Free permits are available for group activities and organized rides.


Maumee State Forest, over 3,000 acres adjacent to Oak Openings Preserve, has 15 miles of bridle trails and horse-trailer parking.

Mary Jane Thurston State Park is located along both sides of the Maumee River, south of Oak Openings. The park's North Turkeyfoot Area has six miles of trails for horseback riding, backpacking and mountain biking.






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