Oak Grove School House

The Oak Grove School is an 1893, one-room brick schoolhouse originally located at Corey Road and Springbrook Drive. It was moved a quarter-mile to its present location in Wildwood Preserve in 1998. The school is open some weekends and for special programs. It is located at the east entrance to Wildwood, near Corey. A Victorian farmhouse located near the Oak Grove School was once the residence of the Albon family, which farmed the land that is now Wildwood Preserve.

Visiting Oak Grove School

Schedule a visit to Oak Grove School and experience lessons taught by the schoolmarm. The program entails lessons about school life in the 1890s, as well as a refresher in reading, writing and arithmetic. Program length is 60 to 90 minutes and can be accommodated to fit your schedule. The schoolhouse program is $1 per person for Lucas County groups, $3 per person for out-of-county groups. Offered year round.

Schedule a Tour

To schedule a group tour, or to arrange a birthday party, call 419-407-9789 or request a program by email.

Birthday Parties

Schedule your child’s next birthday at Oak Grove School. The schoolmarm will lead children in lessons on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Children will also make a seasonal craft to take home. At the completion of the program, bring your own birthday refreshments and open presents in this historic building. The cost is $150 and for up to 20 children.

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