Top 5 Kid Friendly Trails

  1. Oak Openings Preserve MetroparkMallard Lake Loop, .5 miles round trip. This trail offers an observation deck, bridges and views of a waterfall to keep little ones engaged in nature.
  2. Cannonball Prairie MetroparkLeopard Frog Trail, .71 miles round trip. Walk or bike this trail around the pond and look for frogs and birds.
  3. Wiregrass MetroparkWiregrass loop trail, .5 miles round trip. Waves of fun!  Several stops with ledges to view the Lake and opportunities to fish.  Look for dragonflies, damselflies and turtles too.
  4. Wildwood Preserve MetroparkWildwood Ridge Trail, .8 miles round trip. Scenic bluff trail overlooking the Ottawa River floodplain with small hills, turns and lots of interesting plants to look at.
  5. Pearson MetroparkWood Thrush Trail, 1.3 miles round trip. Large trees excite the imagination on this wooded Black Swamp trail.
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