Adaptive Paddling: Boat Fit

Adaptive paddling equipment is available by request that can meet many needs. Equipment is available by request at any paddle, but certain paddling locations are more accessible than others. Please contact the program leader or Ashley Smith at 419-265-2920 to determine if the program location meets your needs. Tandem kayaks and adaptive paddling gear that adjusts boat fit, provides grip adaptations, and provides transfer assistance are available.

Adaptive seats with trunk support arms are available for both canoes and kayaks. The seats are customizable, with two levels of seat back and trunk support arms. The upper seat back and all trunk support arms can be removed if not needed. Outriggers are available that provide additional stability and help minimize the risk of capsize. Foam kits and multiple styles of inflatable cushioning devices are available to customize the boat to fit individual paddlers and provide proper cushioning and body positioning for skin safety and effective paddling technique. Soft foam is available to line surfaces for paddlers with skin sensitivity concerns. A Type 1 lifejacket is available, which will turn a paddler from face down to face up in the water with no effort on the paddler's part. 



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