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Today. Tomorrow. The Future.

Today, we are on the precipice of a new era in the rich history of the Metropark system, charting a course that ensures future generations will inherit healthy parks.

The future is already taking shape.

In 2013 Metroparks launched a comprehensive master plan to establish a 20-year vision for the park system. The master plan enables Metroparks to do three things.


First, we must protect the remarkable assets we already have, which in turn protects our water and air quality by using public funds to conserve, preserve and restore the areas that provide environmental and economic value for all of Northwest Ohio.


Second, we must finish what we started. Soon, every Lucas County resident will be within five miles of a Metropark. This milestone is the result of new projects being completed and new corridors and greenways connecting the parks, making them more accessible than ever before.

The Future

Finally, we must plan for the future. How will Metroparks manage conservation? What will be the impact of public use on parks? How will we maintain and rehabilitate park facilities? And finally, will our role in environmental and healthy living expand? While Metroparks has great pride in its heritage, much of what you’re seeing today is exemplary of a commitment to a sustainable future for our parks. A future where parks are connected to parks, and parks are connected to people.