Monitoring our natural resources. 

Bat Monitor

Using a device called the Anabat, volunteers are able to record and hear bat echolocation as they walk through various Metroparks. These sound recordings can be used to identify bat species active in the area.  June through August; Various parks

Breeding Raptor Monitor

Search for signs of hawks, owls and other raptors in the Oak Openings Region. On designated dates throughout the season, volunteers survey and record raptor occurrences. March through May; Oak Openings 

Butterfly Monitor

Butterfly Monitors will assist with locating and identifying butterfly species. This effort is part of a larger, statewide long term monitoring project in which data can reveal long term population trends.  April through October; Various parks

Cavity Nesting Birds Program

Help Metroparks keep tabs on cavity nesting bird populations. Monitor nesting boxes on Metroparks property, check your box(es) weekly, record your findings and report the data to staff. April through August; Various parks

Frog Survey

Learn to distinguish frogs simply by hearing their calls. Team up with a fellow volunteer or two to participate in this night time count of breeding frog and toad species. March through May; Oak Openings

Plant Monitor

Assist with locating, identifying, measuring and counting rare plant species within Metroparks in order to maximize efforts to protect these species and their habitats. April through September; Various parks

Water Quality Monitor

Assist staff in the use of biological monitoring to determine the water quality of streams and rivers in and near Metroparks. May through October; Various parks


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