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Field of Histories

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Field of Histories includes hundreds of glass orbs that have in their center a laser-engraved image of an object identified by a community member during the workshops. The project links to an online catalogue of personal histories gathered at the workshops. This field of glowing orbs serves as a beacon, visible from across the river, drawing people to the park and to engagement with the histories of manufacturing, culture, and artistry in Toledo. Click on the images below to learn more about each object that has been incorporated into the Field of History Art at Glass City Metropark.

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Gary M. Lenhart
Variety Club Bottle

29- 500x500.jpg


The Toledo 200 Aquario
Hippo head statue

02- 500x500.jpg


Sister Nancy Leinenkugel
Wood Cutout of St. Hedwig Church, Toledo

34- 500x500.jpg


Toledo Alliance for the Performing Art
Silverback Gorilla stator

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